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Welcome to US Equipment Company!

We are Buyers and re-marketers of all types of equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and inventory, from all types of businesses across the Country & North America. There is virtually no limit to our buying and liquidating capabilities.






We Offer Certified Appraisals Too

No project is too big or too small!

Our ability to sell… Drives our ability to offer more $$$$ for your equipment assets.

We outperform our competitors in all phases of marketing & Selling equipment!

US Equipment Company is a full service liquidator, beginning with certified equipment appraisals, directly purchasing your equipment assets, or finishing with a successful liquidation sale or auction and removing the equipment assets.  We utilizes several proven formats to best market your equipment and fixtures for maximum returns. One method doesn’t fit all. Our ability to reach buyers through various high yielding liquidation channels, allows us to offer more for your equipment assets than our competitors.  Our marketing expertise means better offers and ultimately higher returns for the seller.

Our Goal:

To get the seller the highest possible return for their goods.

We offer several options to fit the seller’s needs:

Direct purchase – We purchase the equipment assets outright with a guaranteed purchase price.

Third Party Purchase – We take a “broker’s” position in locating the perfect buyer for your equipment assets.

Auction Service – This may be the best option for particular circumstances. Our marketing expertise will get your equipment assets nationwide/worldwide exposure for optimum returns.

Shared Revenue Sale – This involves a predetermined revenue split, regarding unique situations.

Attention Buyers

Are you looking for a source to purchase Furniture, fixtures and equipment at liquidation prices? Check out our available equipment, store fixtures, furnishings on our Equipment Packages page. Also, visit our Auctions page to see our current and upcoming auctions.

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